Friday, May 7, 2010

Delicious Japanese Ham Sandwich !!

This is just a small post to "record" a major accomplishment!!

When I started Bikram Yoga, almost 11 months ago, I couldn't grab my heels during Pada-Hastasana, the lovely Japanese Ham Sandwich that I adore ( see my URL :)

Well, last night, the teacher asked me to demo it for the rest of the class. She stood up next to me while I was in this posture and went over the technique (pointing at my grip, my arms, my locked knees and ..."no room for light or air anywhere, just like this, perfect"). Then I got a big round of applause. It was so flattering!! I am turning red as I am writing this. How silly!! I am happy yogini today :-) This was a major accomplishment.

This is one of those postures that I never knew if I was doing it correctly. For me it's hard to tell without the visual. I sometimes wish the classes were video taped so we could see ourselves afterward and work on improvements.

Do you ever wonder how you really look like during Standing Separate Leg Stretching pose or Balancing Stick or Full Locust? I do it all the time!! And YES, you can always take a small peek in the mirror but the moment you do this, you are out of the posture.