Thursday, January 21, 2010

Procrastinators by nature

Yes, WE ARE!! One of the best thing about doing a 60-day challenge and blogging is that you find time to do everything. You have to. It’s a total commitment, from beginning to end, to both going to class and writing as well. Now that I am not doing any challenge, I don’t find time to blog and I keep postponing it. The good news is that my attitude towards practicing BY regularly hasn’t changed. I’ve been going to class 5-6 times a week since my last post.

Just going back to last Friday, the 6:30pm class. This was probably the worst class ever. First time I’ve ever had foot cramps. It lasted almost the entire floor series. It was very painful. Zico fixed it for me. I need to remember to drink my electrolytes!!!

I went back to the studio next day. The Saturday 8:00 am class was sooo relaxing that I decided to stay in the room for a second one. I didn’t have a chance to “focus, concentrate, meditate” over the next 90 minutes. Instead, all I could think was “what the hell was I thinking? I am going to die today. Can I leave the room? Hey, I’ve already been here for my 90 minutes“. Looking back in retrospective, I am glad I stayed in the room. I am glad I took the second class. This was my first back to back ever.

We have a new instructor at the studio called Stephan. He is from Czechoslovakia and he is hilarious. He has the same accent as Schwarzenegger and similar sense of humor. During half moon pose, the first forward bend, he said “com’n errrrybody let’s cha cha cha” , we were all laughing, and then “bend ‘eat’ like a yummy Panini sandwich, yum yum suuuu delish”. I could write a book with all the funny things he said. He sounded just like my Austrian family, actually like my uncle Willy :) He is so cool. He is a really good instructor too and makes you push hard.

I went back to the studio on Sunday. It was a very energizing class. I had a “smelly” epiphany during this class as the person sitting behind me farted really loud and in my face during wind removing pose. Has this ever happened to you? Like a little girl I laughed out loud as I thought to myself “ohhh this is IT. Wind Removing Pose now I get it now. Don’t they always say that this is good for your digestive system and the elimination of toxins or something along those lines, this is IT. He is following the dialogue.” hahaha, the crazy things that happen in class.

I went back to the studio on Monday, taking advantage of our day off [ MLK] and Tuesday. Both solid but nothing too special about them. No class on Wednesday. No change to Bend It Like Bikram as it was pouring rain in San Diego. We’ll see tonight.

Have a good class everyone!!


  1. Great job on the back to back double! That's the way I prefer to do doubles. You're nice and warmed up for the second class!

  2. OMG! I am reading this in my office and just completely burst out laughing at the "Wind" Removing pose episode. Never happened in a class with me but that is wicked freaking funny!

  3. Procrastinators R Us!!! I am the same. The only reason why I don't have that problem on my blog is because blogging is a FORM of procrastination for me! Hehe.

    New teacher sounds AWESOME. Laughing in class is the best. And YES, wind removing pose = release the wind gods = FART. Abso-fricking-lutely. The funniest is when someone jumps up to run to the bathroom after that pose, and the teacher is just like, "Yep, it WORKS!"

  4. ...I am one of those 'laughers'...but my laugh will continue throughout the class! Everytime I think I 'that' moment, I laugh a little! It makes for a good class when you have something to REALLY smile about!

  5. Kudos on the double! That's awesome! Your instructor sounds wonderful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones who can be funny while teaching. It makes for such an interesting class.
    I haven't been farted on yet...I don't know if I would be so gracious as to giggle like you did. I probably would just be shocked! :)

  6. I probably won't laugh next time that someone farts on my face during this pose. I just laughed at my thought process and the fact that it doesn't matter how many times I listen to the dialogue. There is also something there hidden for me. I love it!! hahaha, this time it was the release of the wind gods.

    Greg, doing a double, back to back, was crazy. I don't know how you can do it over and over. You are still an inspiration to me ;)