Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge - Day 54

Wednesday 6:30

This was a rough day. I am glad it ended with a good BY class. The teacher was Coleen, one of my favorites. She is so tough and at the same time sweet and energizing. I arrived 5 minutes before the class started so there was only one "good" spot available, in front of the exit door. Yes, the class was packed again. Thanks to many 30-day challengers that came back after taking a day off. In the past I used to enjoy small crowds but now after practicing with so many students for the last weeks I prefer a bigger group. I can't wait to take a couple of classes at TT next year. Yeahh, it's going to be fantastic to visit the torture chamber with another 300 students and Boss :)

Back to class, practicing in front of the exit door can be a blessing sometimes. I normally don't like going from extremely hot to cold in a matter of seconds. But this class was so HOT that I actually enjoyed the extra waves of unanticipated cold air I received when 2 new students left the room in the middle of class.

Overall, it was amazing. I was able to kick out during the first set of head to knee pose. Yahoo, this is my first time. I can normally kick out for few seconds during second set. Happy about it!!

Looking forward to class #55 this afternoon. Only few left. Almost there!!


  1. That's funny about the door. My studio has a few regulars who love to sit by the door. One of our teachers warns them they if they keep sitting by the door she won't open it during class!

  2. In general, I don't like sitting by the door or the windows but hey sometimes that's all it's left :)