Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge - Day 60 - Part II

Mission accomplished!!!

I took two classes yesterday. The first one was not very memorable. It was at 6:00 in the morning. The room was the coldest ever. There were only 4-5 students in the class and the instructor kept the fans on the whole entire 90 minutes. There was no energy in the room and I hardly sweat. Can you believe it? I talked to the instructor afterward. She mentioned that it was cold outside and that it was taking a little bit longer to heat the room. "Yes, but you kept the fans on as well", I replied. Now, this was me getting a little bit pissy (not good) ;( To this, the instructor replied "Ooopsie, I didn't realize it. Please remind me next time". What can I say? I was not a happy camper. I went home kind of disappointed. My 60-day journey couldn't finish that way, with a very "blah" class. I worked remotely for another 8 hours, with a very cranky mood, and headed back to the studio in the afternoon. A 360 degree turn. I am so glad I did a double!! Keep reading.

The moment I arrived at the studio, Coleen and Wendy (the studio owner) ran to me and gave me a BIG hug. "It's your 60th day girlfriend, woohoo, I knew you were going to make it" this was Wendy. "I am so honored to be your teacher tonight. Get ready, Ciry" said Colleen. There is an expression in Spanish "el que avisa no es traidor", basically she gave me a "fair warning". She really kicked my @$$ last night. I couldn't even blink my eyes during the whole entire class. She was watching me very closely.

After the party time, water break, she told everyone "attention, I normally don't do this but I want to acknowledge Ciry's great efforts. Today is her 60th day. She is incredible" Applauses, claps, big smiles jajaja I turned very red. It was a cute moment. Then she said "and she thought this was going to be an easy class, get ready now, the class is just starting". More laughs. During Wind Removing pose, the teacher physically pushed on my knees. It was awesome. During locust pose, second part, she lifted my legs and asked me to release them very slowly. Ohh, this was incredible. I received the best adjustments ever. It was almost like a private class. After final savasana she asked me to stay in the room and she gave me a mini massage in the head. My goodness, I really received the royal treatment last night. Best class ever. On top of this, my husband called Wendy in the afternoon and asked her to let me pick something from the boutique as his present. Nice!!!

What a way to finish my challenge. This is exactly how I envisioned it and more. I Love love love my studio and the instructors.

My collective thoughts about the challenge in the next blog :)


  1. Congrats to you! You must feel great. And what a sweet move by your hubby :). Look forward to your thoughts next post.

  2. ...ahh! How sweet! :0) I can't wait to hear what you thought of the entire process either!! :0) GREAT JOB CIRY!!

  3. Awesome, awesome. Well done!! That's great that you're teacher acknowledged you in class too!