Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 11 - 12 & 13 - No time for anything but Bikram

No time to blog or Facebook. No time to be social. No time to eat :( No time for anything but work and Bikram. I haven't missed a class but I haven't had the chance to blog. So here you go, 3 postings in 1

Day 11 - Thu 6:30pm - Dancing to Bikram
Crazy day at work!! I was too busy with all the preparations for the basketball tournaments, coming up next week. I forgot to eat and with an empty stomach I headed to class. It was super hot. There were three new students practicing in front of me. I could tell that they were dancers by the way they were moving around. They were doing grand plies and arabesques throughout the entire standing series. I thought it was funny the way they were positioning their fingers and feet, especially during standing bow and balancing stick, like delicate ballerinas. The teacher should have corrected their hands but I guess their legs were reaching so high, perfect vertical splits, that the rest was just secondary, a small technicality. I got a little annoyed by the lack of corrections. I know...I know, I should have concentrated more on my own practice. But sometimes it's inevitable. Good class overall.

Day 12 - Fri 6:30 pm - You never know what to expect
I had a terrible day on Friday. At work, one of our main servers died. Then, I was told that I would need to travel for 4 days in April. This means, I might not be able to do a 60-day challenge after all but a 30-day one. Then, I found out that we had some budgeting issues which are going to affect our migration. So how did we all cope with these issues? We fixed what we could and we went out for a late lunch at Islands, a burger restaurant. I had a BIG burger and 2 full baskets of fries. Now, I normally don't eat this much, especially 3 hours before Bikram but the stress got us all.

Later on, when I left the office, I started procrastinating. I didn't want to go to class. I thought of my upcoming trip, my full stomach and a million more excuses. But my hubby didn't let me get away with it. He forced me to go to class. So I headed to the studio thinking that this was going to be a disaster. Since the 6:30pm classes are normally pretty hot, I decided to take it easy and practiced by the window ( just cheating a little bit). BTW, I don't usual do this. I don't like standing next to windows or doors for that matter.

During standing series, many thoughts were bombarding me. I was doing the poses but my mind was still at work. By the time we reached the floor, I noticed that all negative thoughts disappeared. Not sure what happened but I regained my focus and decided to give locust pose a good try. You know how the instructors always say
"don't be afraid [ and] it's going to hurt like hell" during half moon pose, first back bend. Well, I feel this way about locust pose. I am not sure what I am afraid of but my legs always stay very straight and close to the floor. Not on Friday though!! I kissed my towel and went UP UP UP. Next thing, I heard the teacher saying "great heights C". Now, how far did I go? I can't really tell but it felt great. I am sure she meant "great heights compared to the other days" not necessarily "awesome locust". Hey, I am just happy for some improvements and positive feedback in a day like this. So glad I didn't skip class.

Day 13 - Sat 4:30 pm - Just another class
Not too hot not too cold not too humid. Solid from beginning to end.

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