Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 14 - Happy Daylight Savings Time and Selection Sunday

It feels like Spring already!! My backyard is blooming (see my pic). I love it. I also enjoy the long days and short nights. At work, March Madness is about to start. Today was Selection Sunday, the day when the NCAA College basketball tournament participants are announced, placed and seeded accordingly.

I signed up for this Bikram challenge knowing that March Madness was going to be the busiest time of the year at work. My thinking is, if I survive this, I will survive anything. My blogs are going to be short for sure.

About today's class, I went to the studio at 4:30 pm. It was unusually crowded. I talked briefly to the studio owner who mentioned that many people missed the morning class due to the daylight savings time change. We were 40 students. I only recognized four. It felt weird. We also had a guest teacher who delivered a not too exciting dialogue. His voice was too soft and I had trouble hearing him at times. I was looking forward to a SUPER class but got an OK one.


  1. Nice flowers...I certainly don't have anything like that in my backyard! :)
    Some days we get those "meh" classes. Makes the awesome ones that much better!

  2. Are those freesias? Beautiful... :)

  3. Selection Sunday! I had a few teachers ask me already if I was going to do doubles this coming Thursday or Friday, and I said no way because of the tournament!

  4. Thanks girls!! Yes, they are freesias. They smell wonderful! Pretty easy to grow in SUN Diego!!

    Greg, hahaha of course you are not going to stop practicing Bikram for this!!! I wish I could say the same but I am hosting NCAA and MMOD. It's exciting times but I prefer my Bikram too ;) I just hope I survive the rest of March :)