Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 8 and 9

Day 8 - Monday 6:30 pm - I didn't drink one sip of water

I drank a gallon instead :) I was very thirsty last night and none of the tricks I've used in the past (to limit water intake) seemed to work. Many people left in the middle of the class and others were laying down on the floor for most of the standing series. I didn't take any breaks except for the final Blowing in Firm. During this pose, I found myself out of breath, faking it. I am laughing out loud. The instructor told me after class that I looked sooo serious and sooo focused that he didn't want to mess up with me in class. hahaha

Day 9 - Tuesday 6:00 am Morning classes - not my cup of tea
My body was very sore and stiff. My shoulder blades were killing me during rabbit pose. I usually enjoy my first backbend as well as my first forward bend. This was not the case today. My Japanese Ham Sandwich looked more like a hamburger with gaps for light and room for air. The room was cold, freezing cold. No sweat in my body at all. Agghghg. As for the positives, I get to relax the rest of the day and recharge my batteries. No Bikram until tomorrow night.


  1. "Sitting out" final breathing exercise = HILARIOUS!!

  2. Hey, I've been there before...so exhausted that I could barely do the final breathing. :)

  3. A 6:30 PM and then a 6:00 AM. That's basically a double!