Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 17 - Happy St Patrick's Day

I hope you had a great St Patrick's Day, full of beer and lots of green. Oh wait, no green in Bikram. No green mats, no green towels, no green clothes, no green drinks, no green PERIOD. You might ask why, here is a great post explaining it all.

How did I celebrate? I went out for lunch with my co-workers to a local brewery / restaurant in Carlsbad. We all tried the special St Patrick Day's oatmeal stout. The description read " brewed with roasted malts and rolled oats for coffee-like flavors and dark chocolate undertones". Yes, I could taste all this. It was delicious and I am not a stout fan. I love beer though. It's in my Austrian genes.

Three hours later, with a clear mind, I headed to my Bikram studio. I arrived 3 minutes before class started. The room was packed and the only spot left was by the door. I've mentioned before, in previous posts, that I don't like practicing by the windows or door. Well, the room was so hot (or maybe it was the beer ;) that I really welcomed it last night. Nobody left during class but the door kept opening up during final savasana.

The highlight of the day was not the visit to the brewery ( although it was a nice impromptu trip). The highlight was trying fresh coconut water. One fellow yogi brought fresh coconuts. He opened them after class and let us try it. It was DELICIOUS. 100 times better than Zico. It tasted nuttier, kind of like a cashew drink. Mmmm, if you never tried it before you should check it out.


  1. I've tried fresh coconut water. It's the best! Have a fun NCAA tournament day!

  2. I miss K. Strauss! That stout sounds good, and I too don't usually like it. I remember reading something in the NY Times a while back about beer being good for re-hydrating, post-workout. I wonder if it also is good for pre-hydrating? ;)

  3. Thanks Greg!! 7 games down and 9 still to go 'til the end of the day. Then another 16 games tomorrow. Crazy!!! You can watch every game for free over here, if interested:)

    Catherine - hehehe you know San Diego well. Of course, we went to Karl Strauss :-) Could you tell by the location or the menu (my pic)?
    I need to do some research into beer and its healthy & hydrating properties. I like it!!!