Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 5 and 6 - Yes to Bananas. No to water

Friday 6:30 pm - Potassium baby!!

Someone told me that eating a banana 1 hour before class makes all the difference in the world. I tried last night. It worked for me. I am glad I found something I can snack on. I can't eat absolutely anything 3 hours before class and I have been hungry lately. I don't how people can do this.

I was fully concentrated during class. Hardly any movement between poses. I didn't fix my hair, my outfit. I was focused and calm. No expectations. Everything about it felt just right. This was an amazing class.

Saturday 10:00 am - No-water class

Inspired by Mary Jarvis latest article, click here and motivated by a fellow blogger, I decided to do a no-water class today. Wow, it was tough. I felt great until triangle pose and then I started getting dizzy. I was calmed by toe stand and dizzy again by camel pose. I didn't notice any differences in my practice during the standing series ( except for the dizziness) but once on the floor, all spine series poses felt way WAY better than usual. With no liquids in my tummy, I was able to push myself further during cobra and full locust. It was a great class overall. Would I do it again (full class with no water)? Not sure but I will try to limit my water intake moving forward, just one small sip before standing head to knee and one before fixed firm pose max.


  1. Interesting... So you normally DON'T get dizzy, but the lack of water made you dizzy?

    I have never been tempted to try a no-water class, but I am trying to cut back on the amount. My problem is that I gulp it down during fixed firm pose, which sets me up for nausea in camel. I need to say no to the fixed firm "aqua asana!" :-)

  2. Greetings fellow San Diego-ian / yogini/ blogger!! ;) Yes, I know it sounds weird but the lack of water made me dizzy. I don't usually get dizzy during the standing series. I also gulp it down during fixed firm pose and sometimes feel lightheaded during camel :( I am working on limiting h20 intake. It makes a BIG difference!!!

  3. Yay, a no water class! Pretty similar experience to mine last week. And I eat bananas too, but usually for breakfast. It helps a lot!

  4. Greg, you are the inspiration behind it ;) I tried the no-water class after reading MJ article and then your post hehehe.

  5. Good for you for doing a no water class! I tried that the other day as well, thanks to Mary Jarvis' article as well. Since then, I have cut my water consumption during class in half and I am finding new depth in my compression poses because of it.

  6. Wow, thanks. I'm flattered...