Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 10 - Damien almost died

One of our teachers, Colleen, likes her room HOT, very HOT, to the point that you can't breathe anymore. She was teaching last night. I thought I was going to die. All I could think was "what the f@#$%^&* am I doing here?" Of course, after class, it all felt great and the struggles were easily forgotten.

So how hot was the room last night? Well, let's say that I sweat soooo much that when I placed my iPhone next to my clothes after class, it went foo bar. The iPhone's display died on me. Luckily, I work with bunch of nerds and hackers that were able to take it apart, drain it (yes, there was a lot of sweat dripping inside) and put it back together. It didn’t fix the issue with the display but it saved me $799. When I took it to the Apple Store, the technician mentioned that the water sensor was actual tripped but he couldn't find significant traces of water inside (hehehe, *evil laugh*) making it eligible for warranty coverage. And with that a BIG smile and a new iPhone :) I am so happy. Did I ever mention that I am very attached to my phone? I have a name for him. He is Damien, my little devil. I love him to death.


  1. hahaha thank you. I was so stressed out last night @ loosing my phone. I can't do anything without it nowadays. I even do my after hours support from my phone ( SSH to my servers, run scripts, reboot them, etc...). Bikram and my phone are my essentials :-)

  2. I've left my cell phone in my yoga bag and dropped my wet clothes on top of it before. Whoooops!! I love that your phone has a name, and it's name is Damien. That's awesome.

  3. WOw, that is unbelievable! It got wet inside just from SITTING next to your clothes! Now that was a sweaty class!
    I haven't named my phone. Cute idea.
    BTW~ I bought a bunch of "salad stuff" at trader joes last night. I'm going to eat salads for dinner for the next 7 days. Thanks for the ideas!! Love the pics on facebook.

  4. Thanks Hannah. I love my little devil. The techies at the store wanted to keep my phone case too :)

    Michelle, you are welcome!! a little 7-day salad challenge, sounds good ;) I would love to see pics of your salads too ;) Love Trader Joes, I get most of my stuff there and in WFM as well.