Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 18 - I pinched a nerve

Yesterday, I pinched a nerve on my left leg two times. It was very painful. I couldn't move or put my leg against the floor. Not sure how to describe the feeling. This was my first ever. It was like a Charley Horse but pinching sensation throughout my entire left leg all the way to my left hip. How you ever experienced this? It just happened after I stood up from my chair at work. I wasn't doing anything crazy. I wasn't hanging upside down or anything like that. It eventually disappeared.

In the afternoon, I went to Bikram with some concerns. I told my instructor before the class started, just in case. Her advice was to take it easy and do everything very slow. So I went to the torture room worried. Pranayama ( =piece of cake). The leg is not that involved during this pose anyways. Next, padahastasana. I slowed down. As I was doing the first forward bend I thought "ok, this is it, I am going to pinch it again". But it didn't happen. Then came awkward pose. Again “ok, this is it, I am going to pinch it again". But it didn't happen. Then Standing Head to Knee Pose. "Aha, this is it". I was wrong again. Wow, we really stretch our legs in Bikram. I actually spent the whole 90-minutes worrying about my left leg. I did every pose very VERY sloooow with a mixture of "hope it doesn't hurt" feeling and "maybe I can dupe the issue, identify which pose is causing this and fix IT". I know, call me masochist but that's what I do for a living. In order to fix problems with our servers, I sometimes need to troubleshoot and duplicate the issue first. In this case, I was not able to "dupe" it. Maybe it had nothing to do with Bikram and all the stretching that we do regularly, but I doubt it.

I managed to complete the class with no physical pain. But what's most interesting is that my mind was so busy worrying about my leg that the class went by in a blink.

After class, Jimmy brought more fresh coconut for us. This time, he brought straws and everything. Well, everything except pineapples and rum. hahaha

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  1. pinched nerves are the strangest feeling. Glad your class went ok in spite of it!