Friday, October 30, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenege - Day 20

Thursday - 6:30pm

This class was definitely the most challenging one. It was extremely hot and crowded. I arrived just 2 minutes before the class started. There was only 1 good spot left close to the center of the room. As I put down my mat, the person behind me asked me to move because she couldn't see herself in the mirror. There was not enough space to the left or the right to where I was standing so I found another spot close the left mirrors, a very inconvenient place. This time I was blocking someone else view as well. At least the person behind me didn't complain.

I understand that you need the visuals to perfect your practice but if you are good at it ( as she was) why not standing in the front row (with perfect view) instead of staying in the back and asking everyone to free the space for you.

Unfortunately, I let this bug me throughout the entire class. I couldn't really see the teacher and the corrections that she was proposing. The teacher couldn't see me neither but this girl got lots of instructions from the teacher.

Ok, shaking it, letting it go. Bikram often says "don't let anyone steal your peace". It is becoming my mantra now. Looking forward to the next class. I promise to be early this time

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  1. Hi Cirita! Thanks for the note! :) Great blog here - you are already 1/3 of the way done! Does it feel like it?

    The yoga mat shuffle... haha... that is a classic situation in a nice busy studio. You are 100% right - just don't let it steal your peace!! I always make a point of trying to let the people behind me see themselves, but sometimes it has to be a joint effort - "ok, if I stand a little bit to the right on my mat, can you stand a little bit to the left? does that work?" And sometimes the back row just has to deal with it! If you care about where you go, then yep, just show up early. :)

    Keep it up!!

    Best, Juliana