Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge - Day 16

I am not longer sore. Yahoooo!!! Still feeling bloated though. Lots of water retention. Not very impressed with the class today. The instructor didn't provide posture corrections to anyone, not even to a new student standing behind me who was doing some of the poses completely wrong ( palms and feet not facing where they were supposed to). Also, this instructor didn't use the word "change" and her voice was so soft that many times we would stay in a pose pushing hard for extra 10 seconds while the rest of the class was moving on to the next posture. Hopefully, I can walk tomorrow. It's very interesting how all teachers follow the same dialogue but develop their own unique style.

After BY class, I skipped family run and went to a Birthday party with NT. Then, we all headed to Whole Foods Market and the beach. Awwww, what a relaxing afternoon!!! We should do this more often

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