Monday, November 9, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge - Day 30!!!

Sunday - 8:00 am

Half way done -30 more days to go!!! Some people have asked me if I notice some differences. Of course, I am summarizing here:

- I have more energy at all levels. I feel good!!!

- My body is getting toned ( especially arms and thighs)

- I am no longer an emotional eater.I only eat when I am truly hungry.

- My posture has improved tremendously.

- I am getting more flexible each day.

- Greater focus, control and determination on and off the mat.

- It supplements my running too

- I feel very creative and alive.

OK, some negatives too:

- Lots of bad hair days :(

- Sweet physical discomfort every now and then

Looking forward to my next class!!!


  1. Animo!!! que ya has pasado el "ecuador". Animo!!!!

  2. NICE!!! Those are some significant differences, and you're only halfway through. Congratulations are in order already!