Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge - Day 36 and 37

Saturday 8:00
The classes in the mornings are definitely not as hot as the afternoon ones. It was at least 5 degrees cooler. I like it very hot and humid. My intention for the class was the same as the day before. Full attention to the dialogue with an emphasis in Standing Separate Leg Stretching. It’s official. I am able to touch the floor with the forehead without major slipping. Yahoooo. Not moving onto the next pose yet. Need to master getting out of this one gracefully.

Sunday 10:00am
I felt I was in the sauna during class today. It was not just the heat and humidity but the intense smell of rosemary. It turned out that the person in front of me placed a couple of drops of essential oils on her towel right before class. Is that even allowed? Now, I love the smell of rosemary but what if tomorrow she brings other stuff like frankincense which I can’t really stand. Two other girls were talking about this in the bathroom after class. I guess this person used patchouli oils a couple of days ago. Wondering if I should say something or just keep quiet and secretly enjoy it, hoping that she sticks with rosemary. I can't imagine this is allowed in BY. BTW, no doubt that aromatherapy does wonders but for this style of yoga, I prefer my room with a sweaty smell :)


  1. You can touch your forehead to the floor! You rock! I'm sheepishly going to admit that after two and a half years of yoga, I still struggle with that one. I did touch my forehead to the floor a couple of times last year, and now, it eludes me. Oh well! You are more than halfway through...woot woot!!

  2. Thanks BYchick!!!! I notice that my body is constantly changing and some poses that were very difficult are now easier. But the opposite happens too. Triangle has never been so hard. Wondering if everyone goes through the same ?! You mentioned you don't touch the floor with your forehead but I bet you know how to get out of this pose graceful :) I don't :(