Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge - Day 46

Tuesday 6:30 pm

It was REALLY hot tonight. We were at least 50 people in the class. Twenty students from India came all together to practice for the first time. The class went by very slow. Most of the new students were in savasana after 20 minutes. Then a lot of people around me were taking breaks throughout the entire class. It was a little distracting. The teacher turned the fans on 4 times.

I went through the standing series with no problem and then I struggled a little bit on the floor. Big G, I take back what I said yesterday!! The floor series can be a killer too. I took an extra savasana during the first set of camel. I don’t like when I do this. As you know by now, toe stand is my favorite standing pose. Well, camel is my favorite on the floor so I don't like missing it. I just had problems breathing through my noise as it was and still is very congested. I was very entertained with my thoughts during all savasanas as well. I can normally make my mind stay still, well at least for a little bit. But no tonight. I was thinking about my day and how I have developed a mild case of OCD since I've started BY. I have been repeating everything in multiples of three. No, I haven't told my co-workers to “lock the knee, lock the knee, lock the knee” or “push, push, push” (no yet :) but in a meeting today I told everyone “it’s essential to communicate, communicate, communicate” and to “escalate, escalate, escalate”. Everyone was looking at me with a weird face and I couldn’t figure it out why at first. I also told my 4 year old to “brush, brush, brush” her teeth too. hahaha

Anyway, this was a good class overall considering how hot & humid it was and how congested I felt.

Going back to the subject of my mild case of OCD (lol) and considering the fact that I have been called a Bikram Yoga Nerd several times over the last 2 weeks, I’ve decided to compile a list of things that I believe make me a good member of the BYN club. Here you go:

- I constantly find myself focusing on keeping my knee locked (one at a time and for at least 30 second) while changing my baby’s diaper.
- I am always cold outside of BY class. No matter what the temperature is. I enjoy very high temperatures in general. I love sitting in my car with the windows closed and the A/C off, especially when the car has been in the sun for hours and is very VERY hot, almost burning. Someone commented on this once: “do you think this is a @#$%#$% Bikram room? Please turn the A/C on. I am dying in here” LOL
-I once dreamed I was participating in the BY Championship and choose the savasana as my advanced pose. I woke up with a big smile on my face that morning, lying down in bed, in Savasana of course.
-I enjoy Bikram related videos (vintage ones, championship name it) as much as a good independent movie. BTW, thanks J for some of those postings.
-I am also fascinated with Bikranisms, Bikram stories, TT pictures…anything related to BY really. I am waiting for my new license plate to arrive, something related to the subject. Hopefully, nobody steals my car while I am in class.
- I am looking forward to spending my vacation next year in a room with another 300 people. It’s going to be the highlight of 2010.
- I am taking this 60-day challenge, blogging about it and loving it.
- I really want Bikram to jump on my back and give me a number. So prestigious. I shared this with some family members and friends, they worry about me. LOL

Just to name a few things :)

I am hoping there no too many typos or grammatically incorrect expressions in this loooong posting, Hey English is my third language ;)


  1. So funny. Of course I can also relate to most of what you posted! :) Have a great day and Thanksgiving Holiday!

  2. Tracy, you have a nice Thanksgiving too and don't fall asleep during your 8:00am class tomorrow ;) I remember you mentioned you weren't a morning person :)

  3. Yes, you are for sure a member of the BYN club with that list (ahem, not that I can relate to any of it...**looks around the room, whistling**)
    Hsve a wondeful Thanksgiving!

  4. Hahahahaha... I absolutely ADORE you for this post. Yep, it all sounds strangely familiar... There are a number of Bikramisms that made their way into my everyday vocabulary too, but that "repeating everything in threes" thing is a new one, and HILARIOUS. "Brush, brush, brush!" Amazing. Love it. Enjoy your holiday weekend. :)