Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge - Day 40 and 41

Wednesday 6:30 pm
Another amazing class with Sarah. I arrived only few minutes before the class started so I didn’t get a good spot. The instructor could clearly see me. That’s good. I was in the first row. I love this too. But I was by the windows and I could feel the air coming through :( I normally practice in the hottest spot in the room. The hotter the better. I’ll make it earlier next time.

Once again I was able to reach the floor with my forehead during Standing Separate Leg Stretching pose. I was celebrating my recent accomplishment in silence when the instructor suggested that I take a smaller stance and pull my heels harder to challenge myself because this seemed to easy for me. I laughed and lost balance. I made it look easy but it took me almost 5 months to get here. Ok, Spine needs to be straighter. That’s why. Baby steps.

Thursday 6:00 am
This is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. It actually didn’t start that well as I noticed a sharp pain behind my left rib during Pada Hastasana (aka Japanese Ham Sandwich), kind of like a charley horse or the typical air bubble you get when you go running. This has happened to me once before during rabbit pose. “Oh here we go again”, I thought “this is going to be one of those classes”. But I was wrong. The pain never showed up again. As I moved onto the next poses I got more and more focused. I was breathing deeper and deeper, ALL done through the nose, mouth completely closed (as suggested by the instructors class after class). I felt calm and in peace in almost all poses and for the first time I didn’t feel like screaming “Oh yeahhh, we are done” during Spine Twisting pose. I was actually sad that the class was almost over. If they would have offered another class right after this one I would have taken the day off from work to do it.


  1. ah, that 6am class sounds like it was bliss. LOVE those kinds of classes! Look at you, only 19 more to go and you are done your challenge. woot woot!