Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge – Day 45

Monday 6:30pm

As I am writing this I am laughing thinking about this day. It was very rough. At work, I spent hours and hours working with end-users and troubleshooting what we call in my field id10t errors ;) It was very frustrating. Then I arrived at my studio, ready to move on, ready to leave all this behind, when I realized that I grab the wrong bag (my gym bag). I had long stretchy pants, a swimsuit and a t-shirt, no water bottle and no wallet. Agghghghg. I immediately decided to change my (mind) chip. Otherwise I knew was going to have a bad class. I rolled my pants up with my swimsuit underneath and headed to the heated room without a drink. My teacher, the studio owner, stopped me on my way. “Hey Cira, I notice you have completed 20 days in a row [the studio is doing a 30-day challenge] and you haven’t grab your free Zico, you better take one girl”. Nice, one little problem solved. Not sure I would have been able to survive without a single sip.

The class was very challenging, very hot. I took 1 break during the first set of triangle pose and skipped the whole camel pose. I thought of BYchick post, “does this even count?”. Yes, yes it counts. It’s yoga practice not yoga perfection, I told myself. During head to knee pose (Janushirasana with Paschimottanasana – btw, it took me a couple of weeks to learn this name), the teacher sat next to me and made me stretch like never before. I loved it. Then she said “everyone please pay attention, I am sitting next to Cira. When she first started she told me that her goal in life was to perfect this pose. She wants Bikram to stand on her back and give her a number. She also told me after her second class that if she cannot accomplish this in 3 years, she is quitting Bikram yoga for good”. I laughed. It’s true I told her that. Suddenly all eyes were on me. Then she proceeded “Also, Cira is doing a 60 day challenge and she is on her 45 consecutive day. So for all of you doing your 30-day challenge, don’t quit now, you only have few days left”. Again, all eyes on me. It was funny. Big smile on my face by the end of this rough day :)

Ahhh, just in case you are wondering, no I cannot touch my toes with the forehead yet but I am determined and I have lots of patience ;) 70 more years of practice. Do you master this posture? If Y, I would love to hear about it, tips included ;)

One more thing, lessons learned - never wear a one piece swimsuit to a Bikram Yoga class.


  1. Oh! That is so funny (well, at least you can laugh about it now)! I have that nightmare everyday about bringing the wrong bag or not packing my "yoga gear". I must double check my bag like 5 times before I go. Insane. Bathing suit and pants? Ooooh. doesn't sound pleasant. I always look at the people in long pants and wonder how they do it. At least you got your Zico though! Have to love a good Zico. Enjoy your practice today :)

  2. Yes, yes...I am triple checking my bag from now on. One piece bathing suit with long pants is not the best combo :( I have never sweat so much in my life!!!

  3. Oh, I have so much to comment on!
    Ok first: ID10T error. I'm in the I/T field too! I love that one! How about this: The problem lies between the chair and the keyboard. Or this one: DEU (dumb end user). Ok next: the one piece. I'm dying laughing because I can only imagine you are referring to the fact that the swimsuit was crawling into places you didn't need it to be!
    Lastly: No, I am nowhere near touching my head to my toes (after 2 and 1/2 years) but I was super inflexible to begin with. I do get my heels off the floor, legs locked and am working on the lower back and getting that hinge like fold where the tummy goes onto the thighs. Then I'll try to get the forehead toward the feet. I will be so happy if you can master that sucker and get your number someday. woot woot!

  4. I too work in a tech field. The first two questions I always ask - One, did you pay your bill (internet, cable, whatever), and Two, is it plugged in? :)

  5. BYchick - YES, all kinds of PEBKAC errors yesterday :) I am a hands-on *NIX manager. I am supposed to be a "role model" to my team but some DEU (my new word ;) were pushing my buttons yesterday. One of my linux admins is wearing a t-shirt today that says "there is no stupid questions only stupid people" hahaha.

    You are completely right on the one piece swim suit, it was traveling places. LOL

    Big G - I could use these ones too :)

  6. See, I would have just worn the swimsuit, skipped the pants. I practice in my old ballet leotards sometimes. Check out the old class photos in Bikram's books - it's totally cool to rock it old school. ;)

    All I can tell you about paschimo' is the all stuff you already know - walk your hips back A LOT before you start, lock your knees like your life depends on it (no room for light or air under the knees), and then pull pull pull. Keep your chin forward and eyes in the mirror until you're really close, and then you can look at your feet. But there is no big secret other than repetition. Keep doing it right and you will get there, no problem!

  7. J, I knew you were a BY nerd ;)but I didn't know you were a ballet dancer too. Of course, "thedancingj" :) Nice combo!! I bet you are uber flexible. There are a couple of dancers in my class. All very inspiring to me. In regards rocking it old school, I dunno... some of those pics (especially the ones in the old book - the blue one) are funny :)

    I guess I just need to keep telling myself. "Practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect" I'll get there!!

  8. RETIRED ballet dancer, but yep! That is where the name comes from. Came to BY after 15 years of ballet, so had a very respectable head start as far as flexibility goes. :)

    You said it in threes!!!! LMAO.

  9. J - YES, it's terrible!!! :) 3 is my number now.