Friday, November 20, 2009

Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge Day 42

Very cool afternoon. I arrived at the studio 30 minutes before class so I was able to sync up with a couple of people instead of rushing into the room as usual. I stayed outside talking to 2 girls from Mexico, 2 from Argentina and 1 from Cuba, when the instructor, Tim (the one that puts me to sleep with his calm voice during final savasana), interrupted us. In perfect Spanish he asked us "how do you say "lock your knees" in Spanish?" I started laughing as I remember my experience @ BY Madrid. Listening to the dialogue for the first time in Spanish was the most hilarious thing EVER. To the point that I almost peed on my pants. Imagine saying "Japanese Ham Sandwich" in Spanish ( sandwich the jamon japones) or "taking off like a 747" ( despegando como un siete cuatro siete"). Someone else joined the conversation and mentioned that there is some funny video on youtube with bunch of Bikram students repeating some part of the dialogue in all kind of languages. I want to see this but I haven't been able to find it yet. If you know what she is talking about, please send me a link.

The class went very well and the instructor used a couple of words in Spanish here and there, just goofing a little bit. As I finished my toe stand, he said very loud "muy bien, in the black top and black shorts. That was fantastic". I was very happy. The class started and ended on a high note.

When I arrived home I checked my emails. My best friend from Thailand is back home for the holidays and sent me this message:

"Hey, there is no Japanese Ham Sandwiches in BY Union Square but there is one in BKK"

Awesome!! I am very passionate about learning languages. I have a new goal. To learn how to say “lock your knees” in as many languages as possible. I know, bit by bit I am becoming a BY nerd :)


  1. Aha - I know exactly what you are looking for. :D

    My favorites are probably Mandarin and Australian...

  2. If you EVER have a question like that again, you KNOW DancingJ will always have the answer. **waves at J**. She is the ultinmate BY nerd and I aspire to be like her! Welcome to the BYN club! When you figure out lock the knee in all of those other languages that will mean you are very well traveled. Nice!

  3. Funny guys. I think I wnat in on the BYN club! And I love getting to the studio early to hang and talk to the others before class. Seems to set the stage for a good practice.

  4. hehehe, love it!!! Thanks for posting J. Glad to be a member of the BYN club :) Love the Australian, German & Mandarin